The Artist’s Life: Ian Lazarus, 23 min.
Documentary by Michael Glassbourg, TickleScratch Productions, 2005

I began my career as a stone carver and spent eleven years traveling and learning sculptural techniques in Mexico, California, Greece, Italy, and Canada. Over 40 years I have created works and exhibited as a visual artist both nationally and internationally.

In my sculptures and installations, I have focused on developing the dynamic tensions created by the illusion of movement, fluidity, and other natural forces and their antithesis. I achieve this through the exploration of the contradictory nature of materials chosen. Thus earth, metal and stone become fluid and take on an organic cast. As my sculptural language evolved, I moved from stone carving to incorporating whatever materials and techniques were necessary to accomplish my creative endeavors.

Transforming heavy materials into works that appear to have a sense of movement is a quintessential characteristic that I strive for in my work. I have created 40 metal works including bronze castings, integrated metal and stone, and 15 large-scale metal fabricated works, most of which were commissioned.

In my installations I seek to release the underlying pattern that is already a part of the landscape and to make visible the rhythm that is already there, incorporating the site and placement as an integral part of the whole. I have completed several large-scale commissions using a range of techniques and materials from earthworks, wood, stone, metals, synthetics, recycled cars and aluminum to digital imagery.

I continue to pursue aspects of a multi-faceted idea inspired by the layering of histories and erosion through time. Many of my sculptures and installations give the impression that something forgotten, something which has been lost, has been uncovered. The resulting sculptures and installations do not simulate history, rather they reflect trace elements or imprints of historical evidence left by time’s passage.

Ian Lazarus


Bramalea Group
Clarke Henning & Company
Kilkenny County Council, (Freshford Town Square), Ireland
Goodman & Goodman
Lawson Product Inc.
McDonald’s Canada
National Gallery of Malaysia
Oakville Galleries
Price Waterhouse
Province of Ontario
Shell Canada
Windsor University
York Hanover Airport Corporation Centre
Glenhyrst Art Gallery of Brant
Art Gallery of Hamilton
Windsor Sculpture Garden
Stackpole Limited