con [as in confrere . . . speaking among friends] + sophia [as in wisdom]

Commissioned for a park across the border from the USA, Consophia is composed of three main elements: two triangles and a horizontal tube. Ojibway syllabics are welded in stainless steel along the sides of that horizontal tube. The script was chosen both for the geometric graphic relationship the syllabics have with the sculptural form; and with respect to the Ojibwe and other indigenous peoples whose ancestral territory lies on both sides of the Great Lakes. The writing on one side of the pipe means “inspired interaction” and on the other side translates to “sharing of knowledge.” It visually connects the two triangles allowing the individual elements to become more than the sum of their parts.

Sharing of Knowledge
Inspired Interaction

Commissioned by the City of Windsor for Centennial Park, Ontario, 2001

Photo credits:
#1 Centenial Park, City of Windsor
#2 Centenial Park, City of Windsor
#3 Centenial Park, City of Windsor
#4 Ian Lazarus


Two triangles constructed from eight-inch diameter tube and a cross-pipe constructed of the same. One triangle is eighteen feet tall and thirteen feet wide; the other is fifteen feet tall and ten feet wide. The triangles are placed ninety degrees to the ground and at a different axis to each other.

The horizontal pipe is suspended parallel and about ten feet from the ground, and traverses both triangles. The horizontal pipe is eighteen feet long and is graphite colored, capped on either end with stainless steel.