Timefold II

The interplay of time and process can be seen within the various elements of the installation. The slate signifies the earth, which is both transformed and yet reclaims that which changed it. The gridwork, under the stone elements, represents the parcelling of the land. It also simulates the gridwork used to create the photographic portion of the piece.

The aluminium elements illustrate a trajectory etched through the environment, which gains momentum and increases its impact as it progresses. In time, technology is eventually buried, since the planet, though not immutable, is much more enduring.

The photographic portion of the installation is actually a reverse image of the plan drawing on my studio floor. It shows an outline of how the sculptural segments were placed in relation to each other. Together the sculptural and photographic elements are like a folded image, creating a continuous curve which alludes to the cyclical nature of human and natural history.