Temporal Topography

The process in creating these pieces involves considerable layering of materials. The photographic collages originate from close-up shots of surfaces at sites that have undergone a continuous ageing process such as ancient walls, or geological formations. The photos from each site are then cut apart, reassembled and collaged, creating images that suggest aerial views of landscapes.

These images are then embedded into my rendition of sedimentary rock, which is created by layering mixed materials that are poured, manipulated and carved into their final organic shapes. These rock-like surfaces may then undergo further carving, adding contrast to their organic appearance.

My intention is to create a juxtaposition with both rock and photographic elements enhancing the illusion of an aerial view, producing a perceptual shift from seemingly far above back into the surface of the rock's formation -- alternating the viewer between macrocosm and microcosm.