David and Robin Craigs Yard

Construction Progress 2014-2015

Untouched yard

Back half of the yard prior to construction

Yard water

There were issues in the early spring.

infiltration trench

Three, four foot deep by nine foot long infiltration trenches were dug and then filled with limestone chip. These treches were coneected together with weeping tile.This was done to help catch and drain the excess water.


The flagstone was piled in a heap out in Scarborough. It initially was taken out of the ground in Mississauga by Dennis an emergency water engineer. He found this particular stone so appealng that he had to take it home. He realized he would never get around to using it so I was fortunate enough to aquire the stone for this project. In the fall of 2014 we had to deliver this stone to the Craigs' house and move it about three hundred feet to the back of the yard where it stayed for the winter. There was about twenty thousand pounds that could only be moved by hand and dolly because no machines could get betrween the two houses.

yard concept

Photoshop concept rendering

Plan of the patio with cascade

Initial plan of the back patio with cascade.

Cascade construction

The first step in construction of the environment was building the Cascade. I sculpted the hill with ledges as we dug the whole for the pump housing. The pump housing is submerged in a five foot by five foot by three foot deep whole in the ground.

cascade2The cascade and pump housing is within a rubber liner so the circulating water is always contained.


Digging out the grass and ground for the back patio. While digging we made sure the ground level was degrading 2 degrees off level. All of the extra soil was used tohelp bring the level of the yard higher.


Limestone chip and screening for leveling the flagstone. Ten ton of limestone gravel and screening were dropped of in the front yard.


Laying the flagstone patio.